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Thrive Story

Thrive Story

Started with Challenges

As a young person from a developing country, who had the opportunity to study abroad to take a different perspective to the world, I struggled to live the life I dreamed of, and I found it difficult to build my career upon changing circumstances in my home country, as I was always one step behind towards building my future as an enterprising individual who aims to build great things for himself, country, and the world.

Found the Opportunity

Still, I never gave up, being positive about every step, seizing every opportunity, taking all possible business and leadership initiative to build my career and my capacity, I was finally able to put myself in the first step, build my first block around my own business, and most importantly having the confidence and the ability to grow bigger after learning that every life challenge could be turned into a great opportunity.

I have learnt that developing countries full of challenges are filled with opportunities, a fast changing world will allow young people to put themselves in a driving seat and strive to build their capacity, business, and future until they thrive in their own field, become the individuals they always dreamed to be.

Strive to Thrive

There are enough young talents out there, and I intend to find them, coach them, motivate them and help them thrive with their own talents and capabilities, until they realize the future they dreamt to have.

With Thrive initiative, I will find young talents who seek to fulfill their potential and capabilities into our new world, amplify their leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities through training, coaching, and mentorship, to thrive within their enterprises and communities.